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So my mom, Dr. Gretchen Foley got diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She’s also a universally beloved freshman Music Theory professor (and Department Head!) at my college, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

I’m also a Music (Ed) Major, so we’re in the same building. I know how much love and support there is for her there, so I made a Booster Campaign to make TEAM GRETCHEN shirts.

We’re going to flash mob the music school to show our unified support for her.

I’m so, so excited. She has no idea, and she’s going to come in to school on the last Wednesday in February and see the halls washed in pink. I know this will mean the world for her. I literally cannot wait. :)


Gretchen is my mom.

heerosuta is my brother.

I am so glad this is happening.


Career goal: Puppy Bowl referee.


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simple solutions motherfuckers


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